The reason is quite simple:

The country is blessed with outstanding fertile conditions in the highlands of Chiriquí, a province on the western side of its territory; especially at its highest point, the region surrounding the Baru Volcano (3,474 meters high). This land holds unique features for coffee production: regular rainfall, abundant moisture and cloud cover.

Also, appropriate altitude, dense jungle, rich nutrients in its volcanic soil, and the climate of the region, which is nothing short of perfection.


Photo courtesy of ATP Panama

These wonderful surroundings nourish the coffee, along with the traditional processing methods of Panamanian farmers and the ancestral manual harvesting techniques from the Ngöbe-Buglé natives, who inhabit the region; to produce high-quality beans with richer and deeper flavor praised by coffee experts worldwide.

Coffee processing In Panama remained a manual effort, such as the cherry-picking, and the carefully cleansing with natural spring water fountains

Manual quality control at it’s best