Our brand represents the merge of two elements that changed the world


Isthmus of Panama

Isthmus of Panama

Isthmus of Panama

The Isthmus of Panama, despite its small size, played a crucial role in shaping our present day climate around 3 million years ago, when it finished forming, thus uniting the American Continent, and separating the great ocean that previously existed in two: the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. (Changing oceans, changing climates).

For scientists, the formation of the Isthmus of Panama is one of the most important geological events that has occurred on Earth in the last 60 million years. (Source: NASA | Earth Observatory).

These profound geological changes created unique conditions and microclimates in the Isthmus of Panama that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Panama coffee

Panama’s coffee, mainly geisha coffee, changed the way coffee is made around the world. This is partly due to its introduction at the auction “The Best of Panama 2004”, which took all international experts by surprise. Its unique qualities in aromas and flavors made it famous overnight among roasters and coffee buyers worldwide. These qualities are given mainly by the fertile lands that geisha coffee found in the Isthmus of Panama, with exceptional conditions and microclimates that result in a sensory experience at a level never experienced before.

From this rediscovery of geisha coffee in Panama, a new movement was formed, the luxury coffee movement.


For us, every Panamanian coffee bean carries the silhouette of the Isthmus of Panama; symbol of first-class quality, hard work and pride for the product our land produces… the best coffee in the world!